Date & Location Sign Up Instructor Cost
May 19 in North Palm Beach, FL Click Here!*  Jon $250
Jul 7 in North Palm Beach, FL Click Here!*  Jon $250

Email our Training Director, Matthew Pasa for questions or assistance registering. Email Info@teachmetofreedive.com or Click Here

**If you are signing up for a course & need to reschedule you will be charged a $150 rescheduling fee. Please be sure you can make these dates before you sign up.**

**Level 1 FII Freediving Certification or Equivalent pre-requisite required.  

ALL ABOUT Spearfishing:
The FII Spearfishing Course is a 1-day classroom and confined water course with an optional spearfishing charter the following day. The curriculum found in this course has been designed to create a reliable foundation of knowledge that will carry you for the rest of our life. Whether you are a season underwater hunter or are just getting into the sport, you will leave this course with the skills necessary to be a successful, safe, and more observant and ethically sound hunter.

Typical Schedule:
Day 1: 7:45am until about 5:00-6:00pm (Classroom in morning, lunch, pool in afternoon)
Day 2 (optional): 7:45am until about 1:00pm (Boat leaves the dock promptly at 8:00am)Please keep in mind these times are very general guidelines. Ending times vary depending on course size and weather typically. Lunch is not provided, but you will have about an hour lunch break.

Fii Spearfishing CourseWHAT YOU WILL LEARN:

  • Ethics of a Hunter
  • Will explain the necessity of code of ethics and responsibility of every spearo to the ocean, our sport and to their families

  • Freediving & Spearfishing Safety
  • Will review freediving safety procedures and their application while spearfishing.

  • Location Safety
  • Will address the role and impact spearfishing locations have, as well as problems and safety management.

  • Spearfishing Gear
  • Will provide all necessary information about basic non-customized spearfishing gear, proper selection, use and maintenance.

  • Underwater Hunting
  • Will focus on how to develop a hunting skill while introducing some widely used hunting techniques

  • Confined Water Exercises
  • Will allow practical training of earlier discussed skills and techniques


Credits: Carlos CorreaWHAT YOU WILL NEED:

1. Mask – A low volume freediving mask is recommended.

2. Fins – Long Blade Freediving Fins or Snorkeling fins.

3. Snorkel – A simple J-tube snorkel will be best.

4. Wetsuit – A 3mm is suitable year round in Florida. Open cell is preferable. A 1mm suit is the minimum requirement.

5. Weights – Small weights (1-2 lbs). It is better to adjust your buoyancy with smaller weights and also creates less drag. Coated weights are recommended, but uncoated weights are permitted as well.

6. Weight Belt– A rubber weight belt is necessary. Nylon weight belts are not permitted.

7. Freediving Computer – You will need a waterproof timing device. We highly recommend a freediving computer. The Aeris F.10, SporaSub SP1, and Beuchat Mundial are some of the best!

$250 per person

Feel free to contact us by calling the shop at 561-848-0678 or
emailing us with your private class scheduling needs or questions.

Please Note: Instructors are certified through Freediving Instructors International and are contractors for Florida Freedivers. All instructors carry their own liability insurance.