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Apr 20-22 in North Palm Beach, FL
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$589 + Boat Fees
May 25-27 in North Palm Beach, FL
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Jun 29-Jul 1 in North Palm Beach, FL
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Email our Training Director, Matthew Pasa for questions or assistance registering. Email Info@teachmetofreedive.com or Click Here


**Level 1 FII Freediving Certification or Equivalent pre-requisite required.  

The FII Level 2 Course is three days and perfect for spearfishermen and freedivers who have already completed the Level 1 Course. During this course we introduce you to your natural inborn aquatic abilities and instruct you on the specific techniques to unlock them. Most divers are achieving 80-100′ of depth during this course.

Kelsey Line Diving

– Level II Safety & Problem Management for Freediving

– Level II Static Apnea Technique Development

– Confined Water Rescue and Buddy Supervision Techniques

– Introduction to Freediving Specific Equipment

– Freediving Specific Equipment for the Level II Freediver

– Physics and Physiology of the Level II Freediver

– Psychological Aspects of Freediving

– Freediving Technique Development

– Open Water Rescue Skills, Buddy Supervision and Self Evaluation

– Ages 18 and up

*Participants will take a 30 minute test on course completion to gain their Level II certification
Static Apnea SessionWHAT YOU WILL NEED:

Please be sure to bring the items listed below:1. Mask – A low volume freediving mask is recommended.

2. Fins – Long Blade Freediving Fins or Snorkeling fins.

3. Snorkel – A simple J-tube snorkel will be best.

4. Wetsuit – A 3mm is suitable year round in Florida. Open cell is preferable. A 1mm suit is the minimum requirement.

5. Weights – Small weights (1-2 lbs). It is better to adjust your buoyancy with smaller weights and also creates less drag. Coated weights are recommended, but uncoated weights are permitted as well.

6. Weight Belt– A rubber weight belt is necessary. Nylon weight belts are not permitted.

7. Freediving Computer – You will need a waterproof timing device. We highly recommend a freediving computer. The Aeris F.10, SporaSub SP1, and Beuchat Mundial are some of the best!

COST: $589
** There are 3 addition boat fees of $70/each totaling $210 giving a grand total of $799.

Please contact
Matthew for more information and/or class dates.

(All prices include boat trips and prices are per person)

  • 1-2 Students: $1,495 per Student
  • 3-4 Students: $1,295 per Student
  • 5-8 Students: $1,195 per Student

Private classes are scheduled to meet the needs of those in the class. They are perfect for yacht owners and crew, business team building weekend, family fun weekend, etc. Our instructors can also travel based on availability. We’ve sent instructors across the state, across the country and even across the oceans to the Bahamas. Prices will vary when instructors have to travel, but we are happy to go wherever the diving leads!

Feel free to contact our Training Director, Matthew, by calling the shop at 561-848-0678 or
emailing him with your private class scheduling needs or questions.

Note: Instructors are certified through Freediving Instructors International and are contractors for Florida Freedivers. All instructors carry their own liability insurance.