Junior Freediver



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Date & Location Sign Up Instructor Cost
Mar 19-20 in North Palm Beach, FL
Click Here!* Matt $559
Mar 21-22 in North Palm Beach, FL
Click Here!* Matt $559
Jun 9-10 in North Palm Beach, FL
Click Here!* Matt $559
Jun 16-17 in North Palm Beach, FL
Click Here!* Matt $559

**If you are signing up for a course & need to reschedule you will be charged a $150 rescheduling fee. Please be sure you can make these dates before you sign up.**


This two-day program offers junior freedivers the opportunity to master the fundamentals of the FII freediving techniques in a relaxed, fun, safe environment. The academics of this< course have been specifically adapted by grade school teaching professionals to be both easily digestible and fun. The junior freediver practical curricula offer students fun games and activities that cleverly integrate the fundamental skills and key safety protocols. During this course, students are trained up to a maximum depth of 50 ft/15 meters. The junior freediver course has a maximum student – instructor ratio of 4-1 so our professional instructors can provide the safest learning experience for our new generation of freedivers. As a parent, this course is a must for your son/daughter to learn the proper freedive safety techniques! It saves lives!!! Upon successful completion of the Jr. Freediver course and reaching the minimum age of 16 year old (with parent consent) you will be able to enroll directly into the FII Level 2 course.

Feel free to email us about your interest in this course and what dates might fit for your schedule. We’d be happy to get a course lined up for you!


  • Safety Aspects
  • Problem Recognition
  • Problem Management
  • Basic Breathing Techniques
  • Pressure and Volume Effects
  • Buoyancy
  • Equipment Selection

Please be sure to bring the items listed below:

1. Mask – A low volume freediving mask is recommended.

2. Fins – Long Blade Freediving Fins or Snorkeling fins.

3. Snorkel – A simple J-tube snorkel will be best.

4. Wetsuit – A 3mm is suitable year round in Florida. Open cell is preferable. A 1mm suit is the minimum requirement.

5. Weights – Small weights (1-2 lbs). It is better to adjust your buoyancy with smaller weights and also creates less drag. Coated weights are recommended, but uncoated weights are permitted as well.

6. Weight Belt– A rubber weight belt is necessary. Nylon weight belts are not permitted.

7. Freediving Computer – You will need a waterproof timing device. We highly recommend a freediving computer. The Aeris F.10, SporaSub SP1, and Beuchat Mundial are some of the best!

COST: $559

Price includes boat trip and book. Price is per person.
Classes can be run with a minimum of 2 students and a maximum of 4. The schedules are flexible. So get your friends together, pick dates, and let us know when you’d like to have your class!

Please Note: Instructors are certified through Freediving Instructors International and are contractors for Florida. Freedivers. All instructors carry their own liability insurance.