FLF Bucks

1 Review = $1 / 5 Reviews = $5 / 10 Reviews = $10 / Well, I think you get it.

We want to make shopping for our online customers easier, and one way we’ve heard would help is to have reviews on our products. So, we need your help to accomplish this!

Upon completion of your first review, email us with your username and we will create a custom discount code for you to use on our website during the checkout process. We will then email you back with the discount code will be for the dollar amount equal to the number of reviews you have completed. We will continually update your unique discount code as you leave more reviews!

Some Guidelines:

– Choose products you’ve personally used before

– Write honestly and professionally

– Provide pros and cons that you think would be helpful to a potential buyer

– What do you like most about the product?

– What do you like least about the product?

– Would you recommend the product to a friend?

Those are just some helpful ideas you could use while writing your reviews. Please do not review prodcuts you’ve never personally used. Please do not use others thoughts for your reviews. Please do not review the same product more than once.

Store credit can only be used on product.