Core Values

At Florida Freedivers, we’ve spent a lot of time looking inward to see what we truly value as a team. When we were discovering what our ‘Core Values’ really were, we examined each one with intensity to make sure we measured up to them. We live out these values on a daily basis, and we use them to make decisions, drive our goals, and to define our culture.

“We are team players and exist to work together,
build friendships, and cultivate the community.”
“We are driven to make a difference and
will be the first to stand up and take initiative.”
“We are trustworthy, we stick to our word, and you can count on us.”
“We are lifetime learners who challenge the status quo,
learn through experience, and share that knowledge.”
“We will seek excellence in all we do and hold ourselves to a higher standard.”

If there is ever a time where you don’t think we haven’t measured up to our core values, please let us know! We are always striving to better ourselves and keep our customer service and excellence top-notch. We take our core values seriously, so please let Jonathan or Kelsey know if you think we have an area where we could use some improvement.