Basic Freediving Safety



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The Basic Freediving Safety course introduces students to proper freediving supervision and basic safety and rescue procedures used in recreational freediving and spearfishing.

Whether you’re a spearfisher without any formal free-diving education or a spouse, parent, or newbie interested in getting into breath-hold activities, this essential safety information is paramount knowledge for everyone involved in spearfishing and free-diving activities.

This course is popular with spearfishing clubs around the United States and is used as a minimum certification for club membership.

The Basic Freediving Safety Course has a lowered minimum age requirement of 12, making it accessible to the younger generations developing a keen interest in spearfishing or free-diving.

This course should be viewed as a minimum requirement for everyone participating in any form of freediving.

Typical Schedule:
7:45am until about 5:00-6:00pm (Classroom in morning, lunch, pool in afternoon)
Please keep in mind these times are very general guidelines. Ending times vary depending on course size and weather typically. Lunch is not provided, but you will have about an hour lunch break.


  • L1 Safety & Problem Management for Freediving
  • L1 Static Apnea Technique Development
  • L1 Confined Water Rescue and Buddy Supervision Techniques


Please be sure to bring the items listed below:

1. Mask – A low volume freediving mask is recommended.

2. Fins – Long Blade Freediving Fins or Snorkeling fins.

3. Snorkel – A simple J-tube snorkel will be best.

4. Wetsuit – A 3mm is suitable year round in Florida. Open cell is preferable. A 1mm suit is the minimum requirement.

5. Weights – Small weights (1-2 lbs). It is better to adjust your buoyancy with smaller weights and also creates less drag. Coated weights are recommended, but uncoated weights are permitted as well.

6. Weight Belt– A rubber weight belt is necessary. Nylon weight belts are not permitted.

COST:$150 per person

Feel free to contact us by calling the shop at 561-848-0678 or
emailing us with your private class scheduling needs or questions.

Please Note: Instructors are certified through Freediving Instructors International and are contractors for Florida Freedivers. All instructors carry their own liability insurance.